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Appeals Include:

  • Service and lodgement of documents at the Supreme Court of Appeal on behalf of correspondents.
  • Advising correspondents as to how documents should be drawn and prepared.
  • Perusal, and binding of Supreme Court of Appeal documents in compliance with the Rules of the SCA.
  • Attending to queries emanating from the Registrar of the SCA.
  • Attending to SCA matters when appeals are argued.
Short summary of services: Working with the Supreme Court of Appeal has been part of Matsepes for many years. Mr Israel opened his offices in 1945 shortly after the end of World War II and he commenced a department attending to Appeal Court matters. His successors Mr Leslie Sackstein who has since retired from practice, and presently Mr Barry Cloete have been active in this department ever since.

Frequently Asked Questions

On what matters do the Supreme Court of Appeal have jurisdiction?

The Supreme Court of Appeal has jurisdiction to hear and determine an appeal against any decision of the High Court. Decisions of the Court are binding on all lower courts, and the decisions of the High Court are binding on Magistrates’ Courts within the respective areas of jurisdiction of the relevant Division of the High Court.

How many judges are present when an appeal is being argued?

The Court generally sits in panels of three or five judges, depending on the nature of the appeal. The President of the Supreme Court of Appeal is entitled in view of the importance of a matter to direct that a matter be heard before a panel of more than five judges.

What is the procedure in the Supreme Court of appeal when the matter is being argued?

Witnesses do not appear before the court, and the parties need not be present during the hearing of an appeal. The Court decides cases upon the record of the proceedings before the lower court and after considering the written and oral arguments presented.

Appeals Specialists


Paul de Lange

B.PROC, Advanced Labour Law


Barry Cloete

B.A., LL.B, Pg.D.C.L.


Monique Titus



Jacob Francois Bester


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